A Bug Hotel

Do you love hunting for bugs? Creepy crawlies are fun to find and are good for your garden too. Give them somewhere to live and you'll be fascinated by what visitors come and stay. read more >>

Glamour and Glory - by Sarah O'Neil

The thing about April is there are holidays scattered throughout and it is a perfect time to turn your attentions to the garden. The garden centres are full of loads of really cool things to help us with what needs doing in the garden. read more >>

Berries for Colour - by Ruby Ward

My garden is small yet in most spots functional. It copes with poor soil, wind and occasional salt spray. NZ natives are my plants of choice but you couldn't exactly call them "floral" so when I need a flower fix, I have to look elsewhere. read more >>

Spring Bulbs in Pots

Autumn is bulb planting time. We have a good three months (more in the north), to get them planted, but for the pick of the season's best, its best to buy early in the season. read more >>

Quick Winter Colour

Flowering annuals are especially valuable over the cooler months of the year, bringing cheerful colour when there are few other flowers around. read more >>

Houseplants for Mothers Day

Excellent value for money and lasting much longer than fresh flowers, a beautiful flowering plant is a timeless, never fail mothers day gift read more >>


Eating lots of cabbage - and other brassicas, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cavolo nero, kale and Chinese greens - helps keep us 'regular' and reduces our risk of cancer. read more >>

Pest Watch

Slugs and snails must the most despicable garden pests. Sarah O'Neil considers her options. read more >>

Living Roofs - more than aesthetically pleasing!

While Living Roofs are popping up around the globe either in compliance with regulatory measures or to save on energy costs, little is known about them apart from their effectiveness. Green roofs or living roofs are intentionally vegetated roofs. read more >>

Autumn Harvest Tips

Throughout the world, autumn is celebrated with harvest festivals. Nature is taking care of us by providing a glorious bounty of fruit and veges to prepare and store for the lean winter .months ahead. read more >>

Autumn Shop Window

What's new in garden centres - Celebrate the new season and nature's perfect planting time with some new treasures for the garden. read more >>

Fruit in Small Spaces

Stepping outdoors to pick fresh home-grown fruit is something every gardener deserves to do. With a bit of planning, even a tiny, inner city courtyard can accommodate a good range of delectable edibles. read more >>


Legionnaire's disease

Gardening is an enjoyable and healthy pastime. However each year a few gardeners contract legionnaires' disease. There are simple steps you can take to lessen the risk.


Plant cauliflower and cabbage seedlings outdoors.
Plant broccoli seedlings outdoors.
Plant Brussels sprouts seedlings outdoors.
Fill pots with ready flowering annuals for instant spring colour; pansies, primulas, cinerarias, violas, lobelia and alyssum.
Plant spinach seedlings.
Plant pots of flowering bulbs such as hyacinths and mini daffodils to bring indoors in late winter. Keep them cool outdoors until flowering starts