Kids Go Gardening - how to sow big seeds

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Beans, pumpkins, sweet peas, sunflowers

  • Big seeds are planted deeper than little seeds (below the soil surface).
  • Gather up little yoghurt containers (or similar).
  • Punch a few small holes in the base of each.
  • Fill with seed raising mix.
  • Water lightly to moisten mix, allow to drain.
  • Use a pencil to make a hole in the potting mix.
  • Push a seed into mix, 2 - 3cm deep.
  • Cover over and press down gently.
  • Keep moist (not wet) until seed germinates.
  • When plant is about 10cm high, plant in the garden.
Hint: - Soften hard seeds like peas and beans by placing between moist handy towels overnight, this will help them germinate and grow faster.