How To - Container Gardening

Grow early veges and strawberries
The most delicious vegetables of all are those whose season is short. And the shorter the delay from garden to plate, the more divine they will taste - which means there's no better way than growing your own. It's time to plant now!
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Grow crops in pots
Who doesn't love the idea of eating fresh homegrown fruit and vegetables every day? Anyone can make it happen, even when there's no dirt to dig. If your outdoors is tiny or temporary (or if the prospect of digging is putting you off getting started) growing crops in pots is the way to go, especially in winter.
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Make a Summer berry barrel
Summer berries can be grown even if you are short on space. This project turns a half barrel or large pot into a portable 'berry patch' featuring three of your favourite climbing berries.
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Grow Spring bulbs in pots
Autumn is bulb planting time. We have a good three months (more in the north), to get them planted, but for the pick of the season's best, its best to buy early in the season.
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Growing hebes
Hebe is New Zealand's most diverse shrub genus, with nearly a hundred different species occurring across our two islands. They're also our most extensively bred and cultivated plants, offering a bewildering choice of cultivars.
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Sooner or later all container plants need repotting. Some benefit from repotting every year. Others can wait longer, but it's amazing what fresh potting mix can do for a worn-out houseplant, tree or shrub
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