How To - Fruit Gardening

Make a Summer berry barrel
Summer berries can be grown even if you are short on space. This project turns a half barrel or large pot into a portable 'berry patch' featuring three of your favourite climbing berries.
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Grow feijoas
Feijoas thrive in New Zealand gardens. Find out how easy it is to produce bumper winter crops in your own garden, and which varieties might be right for you & we've a muffin recipe too!
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Plant a wall of fruit
How to have it all when your outdoors is only small!
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Grow citrus
No wonder citrus trees are so popular. With their cheerful winter colour, delicious health-giving fruit, glossy evergreen leaves, fragrant blossoms, a lovely shape and not too large. What more could we want from a tree?
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Grow espaliered fruit trees
Growing fruit trees flat against a wall or along a wire is a great way to grow a lot of fruit in a small space
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Family ties
What do you get when you plant a number of different fruit trees in the same hole? A 'Family Tree' with a super long harvest! This clever idea from Waimea Nurseries is a great way to grow lots of fruit in a town-sized garden.
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