Kids Go Gardening - how to sow little seeds

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Tomatoes, spinach, snapdragons, petunias

  • Little seeds are planted on the soil surface.
  • Fill trays with seed raising mix.
  • Use a piece of wood to press down mix and compact it.
  • Water lightly to moisten mix, allow to drain.
  • Scatter seed evenly over surface of mix.
  • Use a spoon to scatter seed, or mix seed with sand to help spread it evenly.
  • Cover with thin layer of seed raising mix and label seeds.
  • Do not cover very fine seeds.
  • Water with fine mist spray to moisten top layer.
  • Cover trays with newspaper and plastic wrap.
  • Place trays in warm, well lit area or in a cloche.
  • Check every day, remove newspaper and wrap once seeds germinate.
  • Harden off seedlings once they are growing strongly.
  • Place in cool area with about 1/2 day's shade.
  • Water as required to keep seedlings moist but not wet .
  • Transplant seedlings once second set of true leaves appear.
  • The first set of leaves are called cotyledons, the second set of leaves are true leaves.
  • Transplant seedlings to single pots to grow on or into a well prepared garden bed.



Rocket seedlings