Glamour and glory

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April 2014

The thing about April is there are holidays scattered throughout and it is a perfect time to turn your attentions to the garden. The garden centres are full of loads of really cool things to help us with what needs doing in the garden. 

Although at this time of year there isn’t a lot going on in the veggie garden and generally the April garden is given over to flowers.  Now is a good time to plant your bulbs for fantastic spring display and ANZAC day is a great time to sow your Flanders Poppies as we reflect on those brave individuals who gave their lives so we can enjoy the freedom we have today. 

I’m not very good with flowers, the flower garden seems to require just as much effort as a veggie garden, but you can’t eat from it!  I’m not really a garden purist, only growing what is edible and everything else is a waste of space.  I do desire pretty things in my garden and every April I duly plant my tulips and daffodils, and encourage the family to sow the poppy seeds and remind them just how blessed we are to live in this wonderful country of ours.    Come spring I also sow flower seedlings with good intentions that never amount to anything at all. 

So while all the glamorous parts of the garden get all the attention this month, my veggie garden is still very much in wind down mode.  My tomato plants are all still in situ as I reckon there is one last picking to be had.  Then they can come down.  Their removal will completely change the landscape in the garden as they are such an imposing feature that has stood tall for the better part of six months. 

The climbing frames need to come down too and be given a good wash and stored away nicely for the winter. Yet I am reluctant as this too will give the garden a barren look as, even though nothing is growing up them, the height lends a structure to the view that hints at something mighty to come.  This month in the garden is really about clearing away the old, tidying things up.

But I should take a lesson from Easter, the new life is all about a clean slate and a fresh start and if we continued on with bringing the clutter and debris into the new season we will just contaminate it with the pests and diseases of the past and our gardens will never amount to much at all.

So I shall, be out there on our days off, slaving over my garden, cleaning and clearing and turning over the soil and as I do this in our cooling weather and shortening days I shall remind myself that this isn’t a chore, but a noble act as Digging for Victory was also an honourable task that was essential for ensuring safety and security for future generations.



Glamour and Glory