Petunias on show!

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Worldwide, petunias are the most cherished flowers for window boxes, pots and hanging baskets. And never have we had so many gorgeous varieties to choose from.

Today’s modern strains flower profusely and from spring through autumn. Just one plant fills the space of ten old-fashioned seedling petunias. These new age petunias are highly successful in pots because of their ability to perform in hot dry conditions. As well, they’re infinitely more rain resistant than the petunias we planted a generation ago. No longer must we put up with flowers that languish like soggy tissues in wet weather. Whether you plant your petunias in pots of their own or blend them with other summer bloomers, there is hardly a more failsafe choice for summer containers.

Getting the best from petunias

  • Petunias will bloom in full sun or partial shade, but the more sun they see, the more they’ll flower.
  • Well-drained soil or potting mix is essential.
  • Although petunias are drought tolerant, they’ll give their best performance with summer watering, especially when grown in hanging baskets.
  • Petunias perform best with feeding. Use slow release fertiliser at planting time with extra liquid feeding up to three times during the season.
  • Most modern strains drop their flowers cleanly and generally don’t require dead-heading, but occasional light trimming keeps plants looking tidy and encourages further flowering.



Petunias on show!
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