In the Garden - Problem Solving

Drought alert!
It's dry out there and your garden will be stressed. Here's 10 tips to help it get through.
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Surviving Summer
Summer is tough on plants. Not only do they have the summer dries to cope with, it's peak time for pests and diseases.
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New Book - Garden Pest & Disease Control
With fewer options on the garden centre shelves for controlling pests and diseases, this book provides solutions for the home gardener by focusing on 'integrated control' using all the tools available.
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12 time savers for gardeners
A garden is a place to relax and unwind. If yours sometimes feels more like a chore, here are twelve ways you can make your garden less time consuming.
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Dream spaces - transform your backyard
How you can transform your backyard into a great garden or entertaining area without stress or blowing your budget
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Pest watch
Slugs and snails must the most despicable garden pests. Sarah O'Neil considers her options.
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