In the Garden - Butterflies Birds & Bees

Kids Go Gardening - beeautiful!
Make a 'bee-friendly' garden and the bees will love to visit your place
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Kids Go Gardening - flutterby butterfly
Planting a butterfly garden is easy and you'll be rewarded with the fluttering of butterflies all through the summer
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Summer colour for butterflies
Load your garden with colourful plants to ensure you have a blazing display to attract as many butterflies as possible.
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Plant swan plant seeds early
This time of year is a great time to sow swan plant or milkweed seeds. There is still enough heat to encourage germination and your plants will have a chance to reach a reasonable size before the cold weather slows them down.
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Save our bees
Bees play a vital role of pollination in New Zealand agriculture and horticulture industries and in our home gardens
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Be your own beekeeper
As more and more of us consider adding a beehive to our garden, a new book by Janet Luke is well timed.
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