Mini marvels - Alstroemeria Inticanchas

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This century has seen the coming of age of one of our most beautiful garden flowers. The gorgeous butterfly-like blooms of the Peruvian lily (Alstroemeria) have been adored for centuries, especially in vases and bouquets. But it's only in recent times that they've attained champion status as garden plants.

The Inticanchas are the latest in a fantastic line up of modern garden-friendly varieties. The most compact and versatile alstroemerias ever, Inticanchas are not only beautiful and well behaved in the garden, but ideal for pots too. No more than 30cm tall, Inticancha stems are sturdy and closely packed. Their blooms are bigger than ever, with colours not seen before.

For the first time we have a pure raspberry red alstroemeria and a pure white, without the yellow throat. Other varieties such as 'Sunday' and 'Sunlight' feature very large blooms in pretty yellows and pinks. The latest additions to the range include pretty soft lilac 'Navayo' and darkest 'Dark Purple'.

Alstroemerias have always offered fantastic vase life and the bold Inticanchas are no exception. They look superb amassed in short vases and are ideal for combining with roses in posies.

Inticanchas are non-invasive. They won't become a spreading menace in the garden. Their ultra compact, low mounding growth means they're easy to keep tidy - great for borders and mixing with other perennials. Their thick growth helps block the weeds. Flowering is continuous from October to May (longer in warmer climates).

Like many of our bright, new millennium stars, the Inticanchas offer everything we've come to expect for our gardens - grace, versatility and hardiness all in one plant.

Prior to their New Zealand release, the Inticanchas have received high accolades overseas. At the FloraHolland awards for new plants in 2008, they won an award in the Garden Plants category.

Inticanchas are easy to care for:

  • Plant in well drained soil, in full sun or part shade.
  • Apply slug bait regularly.
  • Once the flowers have finished, pluck the stems out of the ground (pulling gently from the base of the stem). A new bloom will appear in a matter of weeks.
  • In cold climates, protect roots from winter frost under a layer of organic mulch, or move potted plants to shelter.

Proudly grown by Annton Nursery and Elliotts Nursery.
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Inticancha Dark Purple
Inticancha Dark Purple

Inticancha White

Inticancha Red

Inticancha Sunday

Inticancha Navayo

Inticancha Creamy Dark Pink

Inticancha Sunlight