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Supercalifragelistic - Combine flamboyant super sized petunias with cute little calibrachoas, and what do you get? SuperCal Petchoas of course!

Reminiscent of the 1964 hit song from blockbuster movie 'Mary Poppins', this tongue twisting title is sure to become another household name as gardeners' experience what these amazing plants have to offer.

Bringing the best characteristics of two fabulous plants together, SuperCal Petchoas are available in seven sumptuous colours including: Blue, Neon Rose, Purple, Terracotta, Velvet and two hot new colours for the 2011 summer season, luxurious Cherry and dreamy Vanilla Blush.

SuperCal Petchoas offer exceptional vigour with continuous flowering, from early spring to late autumn, over lush green foliage. Plants quickly form a low mound, 40cm high x 80cm wide. They perform well in most weather conditions, especially in the cooler weather at both ends of the main flowering season. Clever breeding has erased the typically sticky foliage of calibrachoas, meaning when the flowers drop, they no longer stick to the foliage and look unattractive, they fall right off the plant!

But SuperCal Petchoas are not only tough and supercalifragelistic, they're versatile too. Plant them in containers, hanging baskets and window boxes, or use as mass planting and spot colour in garden borders. You'll be so pleased to make their acquaintance!

Looking after your SuperCal Petchoas ...

  • Plant in Debco Pot Power or well drained, well composted garden soil, in full sun to part shade.
  • Add water crystals and slow release fertiliser to hanging baskets and containers.
  • Add slow release fertiliser to garden beds.
  • Water weekly with liquid fertiliser over summer.
  • Trim lightly in mid-summer to tidy up and promote renewed vigour.


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SuperCal Petchoa Blue

SuperCal Petchoa Blue

SuperCal Petchoa Terracotta