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A new lawn from seed 

Today’s modern, easy-to-grow lawn seed, specially blended to suit specific situations and uses, means growing a new lawn from seed has never been quicker or easier. Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from creating your own smooth patch of green lawn!

1 Prepare the seedbed First, clear the ground of all vegetation. The easiest way is to spray with a glyphosate weed spray.  After the weeds and old grasses have browned off, and the soil is moist but not wet, cultivate or rotary hoe to a depth of 8-10cm. To make life even easier, invest in a load of weed-free topsoil. Use a rake to create a smooth flat surface. Walk across the area to eliminate soft spots (potential hollows) and then rake again. The end result should be a firm even surface of fine, crumbly topsoil.

Add fertiliser Spread lawn fertiliser to the entire area and rake it into the top 2cm. Choose a lawn fertiliser suitable for new lawns and apply at the recommended rate.  EzyStart Lawn Starter Fertiliser is an organic based fertiliser with controlled release nutrients that feeds without burning young grass.


Sow your seed Choose a seed to suit your situation. On a fine day, sow your seed in accordance with the directions on the pack.


Water Water lightly (daily in the absence of rain) to keep the soil evenly moist until the lawn is well established. Avoid over wetting as this can lead to disease. Germination takes one to two weeks, depending on seed variety.


Early mowing Regular mowing encourages thick growth, discouraging weeds, but wait until the new lawn is 5cm high before the first cut. For the first three of four cuts, set the mower at its highest level to remove only the top 1cm of grass, then gradually lower the level over the next few months. For best results make sure the mower blades are sharp.


Promote thick healthy growth After the first three or four cuts, encourage maximum growth with a light application of lawn fertiliser. A well-fed and watered lawn should not invite too many weeds. Avoid using weed killers until six months after sowing.

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Seed sowing tip

To ensure an even distribution, measure out the recommended amount of seed for your area and divide it into two lots. Scatter half in a north-south direction, then the other half at right angles, in an east-west direction.

Spring Makeover

Simple ways to re-vamp a tired, patchy lawn:

  1. Feed with slow release fertiliser.
  2. Eliminate moss and weeds.
  3. Build healthy soil. Apply soil conditioner to enhance soil structure and promote healthy roots.
  4. Resow bare patches. EzyStrike seed coatings come with built-in protection against birds, grass grub and fungal disease.

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