How To - Summer Gardening

Create easy baskets
Hanging baskets are a joy to plant and bring colour to eye level. Planted properly they'll keep on blooming right though summer and autumn
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Grow beans
There are all sorts of beans, both annual (a one season life span) and perennial (lasting many seasons).
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Grow beautiful tomatoes
To grow beautiful tomatoes you will need - warm sunny weather, good clean soil (or planting mix), seeds or seedlings, stakes, tomato food and water
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Grow capsicums and chillies
Early summer is the time to plant sweet peppers and hot peppers. They're fun to grow with so many different colours, shapes and sizes to choose from.
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Grow greens to go
Eat Your Greens! Here we explore the delights of growing a constant supply of fresh healthy greens to feed the family - 365 days of the year.
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Grow your best ever roses
Getting the best from your roses starts at the beginning, with choosing the right varieties and planting them with the best possible care.
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