How To - Trees, Shrubs & Vines

Grow daphne
A single sprig of daphne can fill a room with perfume. Such powerful fragrance on a small evergreen shrub is especially precious in mid winter!
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Grow feijoas
Feijoas thrive in New Zealand gardens. Find out how easy it is to produce bumper winter crops in your own garden, and which varieties might be right for you & we've a muffin recipe too!
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Grow new plants from cuttings
One of the great advantages of growing new plants from cuttings is that they will be exact replicas of the parent plant from which they were taken, and Autumn is a good time to start.
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Transplant a shrub or small tree
Sometimes it can't be helped - you realise you have planted a tree in the wrong place and it must be moved. The best time to do this is while the tree is dormant and is least likely to suffer water stress, in late autumn, winter or early spring.
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Growing hebes
Hebe is New Zealand's most diverse shrub genus, with nearly a hundred different species occurring across our two islands. They're also our most extensively bred and cultivated plants, offering a bewildering choice of cultivars.
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