How To - Flowers

Grow spring bulbs in pots
Autumn is bulb planting time. We have a good three months (more in the north), to get them planted, but for the pick of the season's best, it's best to buy early in the season.
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Dressed to impress - how to grow lilies
Lovely lilies are easier to grow than their extraordinary good looks might suggest.
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Grow peas
Peas are favourite winter grown crops and especially fun for kids who are usually delighted to discover that peas actually come from little green packages call pods, not just frozen in plastic bags.
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Grow poppies
Cold hardy poppies are some of the prettiest flowers of winter and spring. In mild climates they are ideally sown in autumn. In coldest climates they are best sown in spring to avoid heavy frosts
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Grow your best ever roses
Getting the best from your roses starts at the beginning, with choosing the right varieties and planting them with the best possible care.
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Create easy baskets
Hanging baskets are a joy to plant and bring colour to eye level. Planted properly they'll keep on blooming right though summer and autumn
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