How's your plant/life balance?

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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

Billions of dollars are spent each year searching for instant miracle cures to our environmental problems. So what can we do to help?

Plant more trees, campaign for more green space, have more indoor plants and most importantly promote the value of plants and share with friends, family and colleagues why Greenlife Matters!

We’re all taught that plants are good for us.  It is accepted that plants provide oxygen; they clean the air and have been proven to reduce stress and increase wellbeing. But plants do so much more!

Plants providing numerous economic social, environmental, health and wellbeing benefits, which will be discussed in upcoming issues.

Recent research has shown that indoor plants not only result in healthy buildings but healthy people too. Worker health and wellbeing has been proven to significantly improve with more indoor plants around them. Studies explain that when people feel they are part of their natural environment they have a better sense of psychological and social wellbeing.

You are probably familiar with the term Work/Life Balance. But have you ever considered the state of your Plant/Life Balance?

The Nursery and Garden Industry Australia have identified the following key factors negatively affecting people’s Plant/Life Balance. How many of these factors can you relate to?

  • Reduction in public green spaces – prioritising building development.
  • Shrinking property sizes in the suburbs.
  • Urban high-rise residences without gardens
  • Misconception that gardening is hard work.
  • Less indoor plants in offices.
  • Limited accessibility to green space.

You can help by being mindful of the importance of plants and green space, and encouraging people to surround themselves with more plants is the first step you can take to help everyone understand that Greenlife Matters!


First published in Weekend Gardener issue 373. Written by NGINZ. Reproduced with permission of Weekend Gardener.



How's your plant/life balance?