In the Garden - Fruit Gardening

Autumn harvest tips
Throughout the world, autumn is celebrated with harvest festivals. Nature is taking care of us by providing a glorious bounty of fruit and veges to prepare and store for the lean winter months ahead.
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Full of flavour
Easy-care feijoa trees produce bucket loads of healthy autumn and winter fruit - year after year.
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A lemon a day
Winter is peak harvest time for citrus trees, so it's worth preserving a winter abundance for later use. Meryn Wakelin wouldn't waste a single lemon
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The essential lemon tree
The trusty lemon fulfills all manner of culinary requirements; from marinades to dressings, to homemade lemonade for summer and hot soothing drinks for winter. And only lemon rivals chocolate in the most heavenly of heavenly desserts.
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Edibles in containers
Strawberries don't just look pretty cascading over the edge of pots, tubs and planter boxes. They thrive - because perfect drainage is essential if you want to grow strawberries successfully
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Bite sized
We know it's good for them, but getting children excited about fresh fruit can be trying. One time-honoured approach is to think bite-sized portions for pint-sized people. These colourful mini fruits from Waimea Nurseries are child friendly, tasty and easy to grow, perfect for a family garden.
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