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Soil builders
Beneath the garden lies a world of its own, a complex network of mineral particles (clay, silt and sand), air and water, and life! The more we nurture the workers that live in our soil, the better our gardens will grow.
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Ten reasons to plant trees
On Arbor Day in June, New Zealanders are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Celebrate by getting involved in a community planting project or planting a tree of your own.
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Beat the heat!
As each summer seems to sizzle hotter and drier than the last, gardeners are feeling the effects of climate change, and the need to make adjustments in the garden.
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Beauty and the beasts
Despite being banned from sale for decades now, our most noxious weeds, once gardeners' treasures, remain rampant in nature and in our gardens.
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Celebrate Arbour Day & World Environment Day
Arbor Day marks the beginning of the planting season and a time to celebrate the unique biodiversity of our country. Arbor Day is about inspiring people to plant and celebrate trees.
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Cool cities are green cities
Around the globe cities are getting more crowded, noisier and hotter. Climate change is adding to that heat, placing pressure on human health, urban amenity spaces, productivity and infrastructure.
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Every precious drop
Water scarcity over summer seems ever more challenging for gardeners. In a changing climate, the need to save water is increasingly front of mind.
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Food space
Greenlife matters because plants are what we eat to survive; green space matters because we need it to grow crops
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Forget air con - plant more trees!
As spring heats up and we head into summer more and more air conditioners will be turned on, sucking through electricity. But are we missing an obvious leafy solution? Plants and trees provide shade and act as natural air conditioners.
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Friend or foe?
Beautifying fences and walls, creating shade and privacy, or carpeting the ground around trees and shrubs - plants that clamber and crawl are some of our most useful and attractive. Sadly, they also count among our most invasive environmental weeds.
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Gardening for mental health
For people with mental health issues darkness and cold can be triggers for depression, but they need not be.
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Gardening for physical health
It's common knowledge that gardening is good for you, and not just because of the obvious fresher, better tasting fruits and vegetables to eat. In terms of physical activity, gardening is a winner too!
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Gardens in the sky
Green roofs provide a host of advantages for city living and are becoming increasingly popular across the world.
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Greener giving
As Christmas shopping time rolls round again, concern for planet Earth is to the fore. Do we really want contribute to landfill with unwanted gifts? Most of us will have been guilty of imprudent, impulse purchasing in the mad dash before the big day, but even last minute gift giving doesn't have to be bad for the planet.
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Greening the gray
Using roundabouts and traffic islands as garden oases
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Hamilton Gardens - pride of place
On the banks of the Waikato River a world-renowned garden has proudly etched a place for its city on the international tourist map. Sue Linn takes a peek behind the scenes at Hamilton Gardens.
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How to start a community garden
We all know gardening is good for us and we need more green spaces. There are numerous benefits afforded by community gardens, including fresh food and social enhancement. Here's some advice on how to start one.
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How tree planting prevents erosion
Plants and trees need land to grow on and the constantly changing climate is providing a number of challenges including erosion.
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How's your plant/life balance?
Billions of dollars are spent each year searching for instant miracle cures to our environmental problems. So what can we do to help?
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Let the children play - OUTSIDE!
Nature Deficit Disorder is affecting our children. Research shows that a lack of playing outside in parks and green spaces is contributing to various physical and mental health issues!
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Make room for trees
An aerial view of our cities reveals a sad trend in the way the suburbs are developing without the enhancement of trees and green spaces
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Reduce your footprint - plant your backyard
We often hear about the need to reduce our carbon footprint and be green. But how can we, as individuals, do our part to help? Thinking about your plant selection and surrounding habitat, recycling, composting and conserving water all help.
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Riparian planting saving our streams
The classic Kiwi holiday often involves swimming in streams, a spot of fishing and enjoying the beautiful outlook of streams shaded by native plants and seemingly endless green landscapes. But our streams, as we know them, are at threat, so it's time to get planting
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Storm water mitigation
Floods are more commonplace than they once were for a number of reasons, but there are steps we can take to minimise the damage
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Street trees - why we need more!
Why should you care about whether there are trees on your street, or on the streets nearby? Well, besides the obvious - that they make a street look more attractive - street trees are proven to provide numerous benefits to residents in terms of property values & more
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The Garden Effect
Yes its official, all the time and effort involved in keeping your garden looking good pays dividends! Simply put, houses with good gardens sell quicker, for a better price. The estimated effect on price being +16%, with three times payback on money invested!
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The nature garden
Plant trees and shrubs that provide food and lodgings for birds so you can enjoy them in your garden.
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The power of sharing
During the first lockdown in March 2020, a new community-led project took root in the Bay of Plenty. A year and a half down the track, the Grow On Katikati project is gathering momentum, unexpectedly spurred on by another lockdown.
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The value of trees for shelter and shade
Protection from the extremes of weather is a primary need for humans and for animals and plants. Constant exposure to strong wind and sun is detrimental to the health and well-being of people, stock and crops.
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Up the wall
Vertical gardens add to the beauty of our urban areas. And the equipment and knowledge of how to make them is available be they multi-storey vertical gardens or smaller domestic green walls. Liz Light talks to the experts.
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