In the Garden - Roses

Dream flowers
The world's most romantic bloom deserves a spot in every garden. Whether you want to grow a single variety for picking, or make them your main event, there is always a way to make room for roses.
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No nonsense roses
When it comes to roses, the heart so easily rules the head. But we can all enjoy the world's most romantic flower without pain or hard labour. Sue Linn takes a pragmatic look at roses.
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Flower Carpet Rose 'Sunset'
Flower Carpet Sunset is here. Take a look at it's gorgeous face and you'll see there's every reason in the world to rush out to find one to bring home
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Love Me & Leave Me
Going on holiday can cause anxiety. Will plants survive without daily care? However 'Love me and Leave Me' Roses will be just fine.
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Summer garden design solutions
Summer's a great time of year to work on some garden design solutions like how to make your garden beds look a whole lot better
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Ten ways to plant roses
Inspired to plant a rose? Don't hold back. Contrary to popular belief, roses are not difficult to grow and there are beautiful easy-care varieties to suit every situation.
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