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Kids Go Gardening

Yates and Nursery & Garden Industry New Zealand (NGINZ) have teamed up to introduce a world leading initiative to New Zealand. ‘Yates Go Gardening School Buddies’ organises local Garden Centres to ‘sponsor’ a small number of interested local schools to receive a lovely quarterly project magazine called “Kids Go Gardening”. These colourful and inspiring magazines go to the school’s gardening team leader, with free Yates seed in Spring, Summer Autumn and Winter terms.

Schools have inspiring project ideas for their school gardens, and the kids get some reward for their efforts in learning to garden. The garden centre gets to have a closer link to its local community and the ‘Future Generation’ of gardeners who will be the next customers of their business. It’s a ‘national brainwave’ implemented locally.

Recently, renowned global retail marketing guru John Stanley visited New Zealand, and had to say of the ‘School Buddies Project’, “This is a world class initiative, a global first in innovative retail marketing”.

Approximately 40 New Zealand Garden Centres are already actively involved in supporting around 190 local schools, enabling around 10,000 children to receive the colourful magazines. While it is still early days for the initiative it is hoped that eventually most schools in New Zealand with an active gardening programme will have access to these magazines quarterly. We aim to grow a new generation of keen gardeners to continue the knowledge and passion of generations past.

To enquire on getting a school into the programme contact or you can subscribe to receive the magazines by mail or digital version (ipad, tablet or PC download)



Raumati South School's Garden - Ellerslie Flower Show 2013
Raumati South School's Garden - Ellerslie Flower Show 2013