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We know it’s good for them, but getting children excited about fresh fruit can be trying. One time-honoured approach is to think bite-sized portions for pint-sized people. These colourful mini fruits from Waimea Nurseries are child-friendly, tasty and easy to grow - perfect for a family garden.

Cute miniature ‘Thumbelina™’ apples

Grown especially for kids by Waimea nurseries, the ‘Thumbelina™’ range of apples are perfectly sized for small hands. Golden Crunch™  and Ruby Crunch™  are sweet, crisp and juicy  with brightly coloured skins. They are a quarter of the size of regular apples. And the trees are grafted onto dwarfing rootstocks, so the fruit is easily reached.
The fruit is sweet and ready for eating when the tree has dropped its leaves in late autumn, leaving the fruit on the tree like bright decorations. In spring these highly decorative little trees put on a pretty display of pink and white blossom.

Flatto Peaches

Kids can’t resist novelty, colour and cuteness. The Flatto™ range is loved by kids and adults alike, being easy to eat and virtually unsquashable in the lunch box.  What’s more, the stone is easily removed by pushing the center of the fruit.  Flatto™ includes both peaches and nectarines, which ripen in mid to late February. All put on a spectacular display of spring blossom.

These varieties and many others grown by Waimea Nurseries are available from garden retailers nationwide. Waimea Nurseries is one of New Zealand’s leading fruit tree nurseries, with a large repertoire of new varieties sourced from around the world. For more information about these and many more fruit tree varieties go to

Encouraging kids to eat more fruit

  • Don’t overwhelm them with over-sized portions. Most children will eat more fruit if it is small, or cut up for them.
  • Keep a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table for easy snacks.
  • Slice fresh fruits onto breakfast cereals or pancakes.
  • Make your own fresh fruit ice-blocks as treats.
  • Arrange colourful fruit on a ‘mini-platter’ for afternoon tea.
  • Look for dwarf trees that produce fruit in easy reach.
  • Let your child choose a fruit tree to plant in the garden.


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Feature article from Waimea Nurseries, Nelson. For further information and more inspirational planting ideas, visit



Apple Thumberlina Ruby Crunch

Apple Thumberlina Golden Crunch

Peach Flatto Sweet Bonnett