Flower Carpet Rose 'Sunset'

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Spring is a great season for gardeners. Warmth, water and Nature come together to transform even the most basic outdoor space into something lushly magical. Even better, spring is also the time of year when new plants are introduced.

Flower Carpet Sunset is here. Take a look at it’s gorgeous face and you’ll see there’s every reason in the world to rush out to find one to bring home. The bright tangerine/ orange literally pops, No wonder it has won both the ADR rose award and the Golden Rose of the Hague. No higher awards can a rose receive. Of course the best thing about this rose is that it’s a Flower Carpet, and that means a lot.

If you haven’t heard of the Flower Carpet roses, it’s a shame because you and your garden have been missing out – until now. This collection of roses, bred by the world famous Noack rose-breeding family, has enjoyed an envious reputation since the very first rose – Flower Carpet Pink – was released in the nineties. And it’s a reputation based on the response from those many, many gardeners who have been taking these roses home and planting them in their gardens. There are ten colours to choose from and they are all gorgeous, but what makes these roses so popular is the way they behave themselves.

We’ve all grown roses that weren’t so polite. Often they’d grow into rangy, ugly bushes. Or they’d drop their foliage and take too long to put on a fresh cover of green. They might be a bit sensitive to diseases and pests. Or they bloom, for what feels like a minute, before closing the shop for the rest of the year. And we, the gardeners, would be dancing around them trying to prune them properly or spray and dose them just to keep them healthy. Not so the Flower Carpet rose.

These roses, whichever colour you grow, are all easy-care. They aren’t fussy. You can prune them by giving them a chop with the hedge shears once a year, and if you forget, that’s ok. Flower Carpet roses grow into nicely dense bushes, they keep their foliage, and when they flower, they not only smother themselves in flowers but will continue with flowers right up until early winter .And because they are disease resistant (and have the international rose awards to prove it) you don’t have to store nasty chemicals in your garden shed.

Take a look around and you’ll start to see Flower Carpet roses everywhere you look – in gardens, in parks, in street plantings. That’s because they are so reliable, easy to maintain and flexible about where they’re happy to grow. Pop one in a container beside the front door; plant a mass of them alongside a driveway; you can even grow them in hanging baskets.

So maybe go check out a Flower Carpet Sunset in person. Plant one and you’ll always remember this spring...



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Flower Carpet rose 'Sunset'

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