Autumn is planting time

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Warm soil and cooling air spell perfect growing conditions for almost everything in the garden. Make the most of mellow Autumn weather and get planting!


This autumn, don’t forget to plant some spring flowering bulbs. The full range will become available in garden centres during March and April.  For best results, condition the soil with compost and add a little Bulb Food when planting in the garden. If your soil is on the heavy side, you may have better success with bulbs in pots. One of the absolute essentials for bulb success is perfect drainage and there is no better way to achieve this than by growing your bulbs in good quality potting mix. It’s quick, easy fun.

Trees and shrubs

A tree planted now will put on healthy root growth before winter sets in so it will be all ready to romp into growth when the spring weather kicks in – a big head start on trees that are planted in spring (when the soil is cold).

Feed the soil

Ply the soil with compost before planting. Trees, shrubs, lawns, bulbs, fruit and veges all benefit from feeding to make the most of the growing season, but be cautious with high nitrogen fertilisers, which can stimulate soft growth suseptible to frosts. Choose balanced fertilisers that contain potassium for strong healthy roots.


As you harvest summer veges, pull out any past their best to make space for winter crops. Enrich the soil by mixing in plenty of compost. Sow peas, broad beans, carrots and other root crops directly into well-prepared soil. Plant out seedlings of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, silver beet and spinach. Support young growth with a fast acting tonic such as Phostrogen and don’t forget to protect young seedlings from slugs and snails.

Hedges and climbers

Give hedges and wayward climbers a light trim now to tidy them up before winter. Don’t be too heavy handed, however, as any new growth will be susceptible to damage if an early frost comes your way.


The warm soil and cooler temperatures of autumn make it the best time to completely renovate your lawn. Find out more here



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tulip bulbs
Autumn is the time to plant tulip and other spring flowering bulbs

Autumn is the best time to plant evergreen trees and shrubs

Pull out and compost old vegetables