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Sometimes it’s just too wet and wintry to go outdoors, but there are lots of amazing plants we can grow indoors. How about making one of these cool AIR PLANT hangers for your room?

Air plants (also called Tillandsias) are amazing because they live in air. Most plants drink through their roots, but not air plants. They drink though their leaves! In fact, air plants HATE being planted in the soil. They only use their roots for holding on.

In the wild air plants hang from trees or rocks. In your room, they’ll love hanging in a hanger like this one Kacy made from drinking straws.

How to make an air plant hanger

You will need;

  • Plastic drinking straws
  • Thin wire
  • An air plant
  1. Cut the straws so you have 10 small pieces (about 10cm long) and 5 longer pieces (about 20cm long).
  2. Thread wire through the smaller straws so that you have 5 triangles that join at the centre. Twist the wire at the joins and make sure they are tight.
  3. Thread the longer straws with wire and join onto the smaller straws, twisting as you go. Tidy up the ends by poking the wire back through the straws and trimming and loose ends.
  4. Add a string or wire at the right length for hanging in your space.
  5. Sit your air plant in its new home.

Caring for your air plant

  1. Hang it in a bright room, but not in direct sun.
  2. Once every week or so, spray the leaves all over with water or dunk them in a bowl of water. After watering your air plant should look like it's just been in a rain storm! But then it needs to dry out again. Water in the morning so it can dry before night.


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air plant
You will need plastic straws, thin wire & scissors

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