Love Me & Leave Me

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Going on holiday can cause anxiety. Will plants survive without daily care? However ‘Love me & Leave Me’ Roses will be just fine.

It’s a common dilemma. It’s just lovely to have masses of flowers around the home for months on end. But the reality of life is that we seem to be more and more busy, juggling work, sports and community commitments, friends and family matters. The garden simply has to fit in. And there’s the holiday period coming up. A week at the beach, or heading down country to spend Christmas with the relatives means the garden will be left to its own devices just when summer is ‘kicking off’.

Choose the right plants though and it’s possible to leave them and find they’re still as fabulous as ever when you return from a much needed break.

‘Love Me & Leave Me’ roses are selected because they are tough. These roses come from one of the most prolific rose breeders in the world. Poulsen Roser have sold over 50 million roses worldwide, and have options for ground cover, specimens or rose hedges.

Sold in New Zealand under the ‘Enrich With Nature’ collection of plants, these hardy performers are smaller growing ground cover and small shrub varieties which will offer peace of mind and pleasure to the gardener however many times you are called away from home. No specialised trimming required with these beauties, just top them with the hedge trimmer and they will be in flower again before you know it.

Occasional feeding and pruning is always beneficial, but if you happen to miss an appointment these lovely roses will certainly forgive you!


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