Cool classic

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A bit like the black dress, the ‘white garden’ has a crisp elegance that never goes out of fashion. Its quiet simplicity comes to life in shady areas and at night when the flowers shine out in the moonlight.

The most important element in a successful white garden is foliage. Add loads of green in a range of different shades, shapes and textures. Use shrubs for height and background. A deep green hedge makes a perfect backdrop.

The range of plants with white flowers is endless. You could include some white flowers for each season for an all year all white garden or you might be clever and make a garden thats all white in spring but with hot colours showing up in autumn.

Include some white (not yellow) variegated foliage to light up a shady corner. A touch of silver foliage adds extra shimmer in sunny spots.

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Viburnum "Mariesii" with a variegated hosta

The white themed part of the 'English Garden' at Hamilton Botanic Gardens in November.