Kids Go Gardening - sow your name and eat it!

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It’s springtime - time to get sowing and get growing! Loads of fantastic plants can be grown from seed. If you’re the flowery type, sow impatiens in shady places and cosmos in sunny spots. Or grow a big patch of tall sunflowers to hide amongst! If veges are more your style, just about everything grows from seed at this time of year. Cherry tomatoes, lettuces and banana peppers can all be sown in Spring, but wait until Summer before sowing beans.

If arty and creative sounds more like you, try out our fun seed name project!


  • Yates radish or baby carrots seed tapes, or a packet of mesclun mix.
  • A bare patch of ground or patio trough filled with potting mix.
  • Compost and fertiliser.
  • A stick, a steady hand and a ‘good eye’.

Dig over the soil and mix in some compost. Use a stick to carefully mark out your name in the soil. Try to make the letters BOLD and ALL THE SAME SIZE. If you make a mistake, just rub the whole thing out, smooth over the soil and start again!

Sprinkle a little sand or blood and bone in the letters of your name so you can see where the seed goes. Lay seed tape to form the letters. Fold, cut or rip seed tape wherever you need to. For a faster germinating, bolder and bushier name, sow mesclun mix instead!

Lightly cover the seed tape (or mesclun seed) with soil and water gently.

After a week or so, your name will appear in the garden and a few weeks later you can eat your name in the form of sweet baby carrots, spicy red radishes or crunchy mesclun mix - yum!

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