Princess Lavenders

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When it comes to the ultimate garden plant, it is hard to go past the lavender. The popularity of this iconic plant has not waned, while innovative breeding programmes have continued to expand and improve the range of varieties on offer.

‘The Princess Lavender’ presented breeders with a hard act to follow with its breathtaking mass of fluorescent pink. This award-winning early flowering variety is a spectacle from early spring. But this season’s new arrival is a worthy member of the ‘royal’ lineup.

Lavender ‘Ghostly Princess’ produces a spring mass of enchanting musk pink flowers on an elegant compact form. Breeders selected ‘Ghostly Princess’ for her long-lasting flower display and stunning silver foliage, which provides the garden with year-round charm. The cold and heat hardy aspects of this plant ensure lasting good looks.

Ideal as a hedge, ‘Ghostly Princess’ holds its compact form. Growing approximately 70cm tall, it requires little watering and maintenance once established. As a small and shapely shrub, it’s silvery silhouette brings style and sophistication to entrance ways, paths and outdoor rooms.

Recently released English lavender ‘Sweet Romance’ is a great option for those looking for a slightly smaller hedge. At around 45cm tall with a profusion of deepest mauve blue flowers, ‘Sweet Romance’ is long flowering, fragrant and flowers in the first season of planting.

Lavender hedge tips

  • Choose a sunny, well drained position.
  • Choose plants that are even in size and symmetrical.
  • Space plants slightly less than the width on the label.
  • Keep plant spacing even and use a plum line for straightness.
  • Water well to establish.
  • When trimming remove no more than a third the total size to avoid damage from over-pruning.
  • Feed lavenders to enhance flower power with a slow release fertiliser in spring and autumn.

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The Princess Lavender

Lavender Ghostly Princess

Lavender Sweet Romance