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Considered the ‘holy grail’ of fragrant shrubs, Daphne Perfume Princess™  is a spring essential, ideally planted close to seating, entrance ways and pathways where its charms can be enjoyed up close.

Award winning Perfume Princess™  is the earliest and longest flowering of all Daphnes, producing an exceptional perfume, with citrus undertones. The large, blush pink to white flowers open progressively along the stems, extending the bloom time. The shrub itself is an excellent performer with healthy green leaves and an upright, slightly spreading growth habit.

Another of Mark Jury’s progeny, the Fairy Magnolias® (Michelia hybrids) have gained a huge following for their tidy growth habit and exceptional volume of fragrant bloom, producing one or two flower buds on every leaf axil. Fairy Magnolias® are quick to establish after planting, which makes these beauties a top choice for flowering hedges. They also make a magnificent small garden tree or container specimen. As evergreens with very attractive foliage, they look lovely all year-round, even when not in bloom.

Fragrant from early spring, Fairy Magnolia® Blush which sports loads of beautiful blush pink flowers was the first Fairy Magnolia introduced. Now we also have Fairy Magnolia® White and Fairy Magnolia® Cream. Growing up to around 3 metres tall, all respond well to trimming as hedges or topiary trees. Untrimmed they form a beautiful and very effective privacy screen.

Daphne perfume Princess and Fairy Magnolias® are brought to you by international plant marketers ATI (Anthony Tesselaar International). Best known for the renowned Flower Carpet Rose® series. ATI pride themselves on bringing the most carefully selected, easily grown and thoroughly trialled plants to market.

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Daphne 'Perfume Princess'

fairy magnolia
Fairy magnolia 'Blush'

fairy magnolia
Fairy magnolia 'Cream'

fairy magnolia
Fairy magnolia 'White'