Lavender Ruffles

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Fragrant, colourful and easy to grow, lavenders have stood the test of time as some of the most loved plants in the garden. These versatile little shrubs suit any style of garden and are quick and easy to grow. And with modern plant breeders keeping up with gardeners’ wishes, they just keep on getting better.

Named for their uniquely ‘ruffled’ flower edges, the latest Lavender Ruffles have been bred to deliver the highest abundance of flowers on plants that excel despite the hottest, most humid and drought ridden conditions.

The sought after Lavender Ruffles selection offers gardener’s a choice of striking colours and it has just got bigger with the addition of bold new ‘Purpleberry’ in gorgeous rich dark violet.

Like its siblings, Lavender Ruffles Purpleberry is neatly compact which makes it perfect for containers and small garden spaces. And it makes a spectacular hedge or massed groundcover planting. Like most lavenders, it is dry tolerant once established and require only minimal maintenance. Trim after flowering.

For an amazing tapestry effect in complementary shades of lilac, pink and purple mass plant a mixture of Lavender Ruffles colours.

 Multi-talented Ruffles Lavenders

  • 5 colours available – Blueberry, Boysenberry, Sugarberry and Sweetberry and new Purpleberry
  • Fragrant grey-green foliage
  • Ruffled flowers
  • Perfect for small garden spaces
  • Colourful border hedge
  • Top performer for pots
  • Handles both heat and humidity
  • Prolific and continuous flowering through spring and summer
  • Compact habit, about 60cm tall and wide. 

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Lavender Ruffles Purpleberry as a border

Lavender Ruffles Purpleberry in a pot