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Flower Carpet® roses are famous for their breathtaking displays of colour on attractive easy care plants. Over the decades these extremely tough plants have proven their excellent disease resistance. They have also proven to be drought resistant, even in the harsh summers, as experienced in Australia and many parts of New Zealand.

The latest addition to the Flower Carpet range, Mini Cherry is a little sweetheart with enchanting cherry red flowers. Petite in size, like miniature roses, they proliferate freely over a low spreading shrub.

Thanks to their hardiness and performance, along with the ability to cover the garden bed in a carpet of beautiful flowers all summer long, Flower Carpet roses are the world's most popular ground cover roses. And there is no need to stress about complicated pruning; these wonderful garden performers are completely happy with a quick 'pruning' with the garden shears once a year in winter. But if you forget, the floral display will still be gorgeous.

Flower Carpet Mini Cherry is ideally suited to growing as a low hedge to define your garden bed or to provide a flowering edge to pathways. Grow combined with white perennials to give your garden a Christmas theme. As with other Flower Carpet roses, Mini Cherry will also be perfectly happy grown in a pot or container.

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flower carpet rose
Mini Cherry flower carpet rose as a garden border