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Werner Noack is no longer with us but the gifted German plant breeder who brought us Flower Carpet® Roses would have been delighted with the latest recognition of his work.

The first of the now famous Flower Carpet® dynasty, known simply as ‘Flower Carpet Pink’, has been awarded a place in the World Federation of Rose Societies Hall of Fame. It is the first groundcover rose to be added to the Hall of Fame, and one of only eighteen roses bestowed this honour.

Roses are a very large genus. Countless variations in colour, form and fragrance have been lovingly selected by dedicated rose breeders over the years. But when Werner set himself the challenge to produce the ‘ultimate rose’ he decided to take a radical approach. Rather than ‘beauty’ at the expense of practicality, Werner set his sights on a rose that would be as near as possible to ‘zero maintenance’ for gardeners.

He wanted a rose that would grow happily in harsh environments, with an unrivalled flower volume and performance - without needing to be sprayed for disease. This was a very tall order that challenged the conventions of the time.

Then, in 1989 Flower Carpet® rose Pink was released under the expert guidance of Anthony Tesselaar International. In New Zealand and around the world, novice and professional gardeners flocked to buy the easy-care roses that would thrive and prosper without fuss. Those averse to spraying could still enjoy a sensational and long-lasting rose garden.

As they raced out of garden centres, Flower Carpet® Roses more than lived up to their promise. They grew like rockets, covered themselves in gorgeous flowers and gardeners loved that they could be quickly chopped back with hedge trimmers then fill out and flower beautifully the following spring.

Werner had succeeded in breeding a ‘rose for the masses’ which is as relevant today as it was in the nineties. To this day Anthony Tesselaar International has continued to work with the Noacks to grow an impressive colour range of outstanding Flower Carpet® roses. Gardeners have kept coming back for more. Werner’s legacy lives on in his son Reinhard Noack who continues to bring new and improved roses to the world.

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Werner Noack with Flower Carpet Coral

Flower Carpet Pink adorns Fitzherbert Avenue in Palmerston North

Flower Carpet White