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Native birds like kākā, kererū, korimako, tūī and tauhou feed primarily on fruit and insects so, if you have the space, planting native and exotic trees and shrubs is the best way to attract these beauties to your garden. When the right mix of species are planted, birds can access nectar, seeds and berries all year round. Read more at Backyard Buffet.

Leaving leaf litter on the ground encourages insect life, another great source of sustenance for birds. But during winter this source can fizzle out when worms and beetles head further underground until temperatures rise again.

In winter birds use up more of their fat reserves to survive chilly nights and extra flying to find food. As a result, they search out rich sources of fat and protein to sustain them. Setting up an energy feed station in your garden gives birds access to a reliable source of good quality fats. Winter nourishment also impacts success in birds’ breeding season, so giving them a helping hand will pay dividends to help our New Zealand bird populations thrive.

Topflite crafts their energy food range in Oamaru on the North Otago coast of New Zealand. Ingredients are sourced locally with sustainably sourced soya oil, wheat and peanut flour forming the basis of the main energy food recipes. A range of natural flavourings (such as peanut and freeze-dried blueberry skins and other berry extracts) are added to provide an enticing and nutritious selection of wild bird treats. The new cherry range incorporates freeze dried locally grown tart cherries, simply irresistible for our feathered friends.

While vegetable fats provide the energy birds need to keep warm and make the next flight, a source of protein is useful too. Blends of mealworms and Topflite’s home-grown nutrient-dense seeds are a valuable protein substitute when insects are harder for birds to find.

Shaped into a range of cakes, truffles, logs and pellets, there’s a size in the Topflite energy range to suit every feeder. Your garden will soon come alive with enchanting little visitors and their glorious birdsong.

Bird Feeder Care:

  1. Regularly clean your bird feeder
  2. Provide fresh clean drinking water nearby.
  3. Add cut up apples (cores removed) or kiwifruit as an energy boost.
  4. Keep your feeder stocked with calorie-rich food so birds know they can depend on a meal there.
  5. Ensure cats and other predators cannot reach the feeder or harm the birds.

Look for these products, tips and advice at a Go Gardening Store near you.

Feature article from Topflite. For further information and more inspirational planting ideas, visit topflite.co.nz



Silvereye Tauhou on cake feeding cage

Tauhou on coconut feeder

Tui on nectar feeder