Roll out the Red Carpet, it's SHOWTIME!

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New varieties of modern roses offer many benefits for gardeners wanting to create an expanse of uplifting colour without the hard yards.

When it comes to red carpets Flower Carpet® roses simply own the catwalk. Now available in many colours, they have earned their reputation as the ultimate low maintenance roses with dense, disease-resistant foliage and mass of colourful blooms. New Flower Carpet® Mini Cherry is the latest in the Flower Carpet rose series, with masses of tiny, cherry-red blooms on a low spreading shrub just 50cm high. A mass planting of Mini Cherry gives a glorious expanse of scarlet red.

Enter the star performers - drumroll, cameras, action! Showpiece™ roses were bred as the ‘ultimate rose’. These large-flowered, highly fragrant roses present an old-world charm, but with the benefits of modern rose disease resistance. There are several dazzling colours in the range, all of star quality. The latest, Showpiece™ rose Orange is coloured flamboyant vibrant orange with a hint of coral on the outer petals.

Showpiece™ roses grow to around a metre tall with long stems for picking. Bring a bouquet to indoors; you’ll want to spend time with these celebrities as their fragrance is quite intoxicating!

Caring for your Showpiece™ roses need not be a chore. Surprisingly drought resistant once established, they’ll appreciate being thoroughly watered when first planted and through extended dry periods. To bring out their very best, feed with slow release rose fertiliser in early spring and again in late summer. Simply toss one to two handfuls around the base or dripline of the rose prior to rain or water in well. Pests and diseases need only be addressed if signs or symptoms appear, as these are high health roses.

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Flower Carpet Mini Cherry

Flower Carpet Mini Cherry border

Showpeice Orange rose

Showpeice Orange rose