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Meet the groundbreaking impatiens that thrive in full sun – Sunpatiens!

Impatiens have a long tradition as some of the most colourful flowers in the garden. Gardeners worldwide have cherished them for containers and hanging baskets. They’re a top choice for cheerful garden borders or adding bright pops of colour among shrubs and perennials. But they’ve always needed shade. That is, until SunPatiens came along!
Vibrant tropical looking SunPatiens have been bred to have extreme tolerance of sun and drought, although they will happily grow in the traditional Impatiens environment of shade to part-shade.

In addition, these New Guinea style hybrids have been selected for extreme length of flowering. From spring until the first frosts their verdant mound of tropical looking foliage is covered in bloom. The overall effect is a bold mass of colour that lasts right through the season.

Imagine this in pots or raised beds around your outdoor sitting area or spa pool. SunPatiens’ bright welcoming colours are perfect along a front entry path or in pots near the front door.

Whether your look is a bright eclectic mix or a more formal restrained look with just one colour, SunPatiens do the trick. In general, SunPatiens will grow 45-60cm tall with a spread of 60-90cm. This relatively large coverage area makes them economical for mass planting a large area. And because they are so quick to grow and flower, SunPatiens are a valuable landscaping tool

All perform extremely well as pot specimens and those with a more spreading habit, such as Carmine Red and Salmon, are just the ticket for hanging baskets.

Unlike other impatiens, SunPatiens’ roots grow in a column shape, extending as deep as 70cm down into the soil, where it is cool and moist. This feature lies behind their rapid and complete establishment, as well as their unprecedented drought and heat tolerance.

Growing Tips

  • Plant in well-drained soil. SunPatiens thrive in raised beds where the soil is well-aerated and rich in organic matter.
  • Add controlled-release fertiliser at planting time.
  • Water after planting and in dry weather until plants are well established. Once they get their roots down, SunPatiens are quite drought tolerant.


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Sunpatien Lilac
Sunpatien Lilac