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It’s spring! Time to steal a moment of tranquility as you connect
with nature and get up close and personal with flowers that take you back to Grandmas garden.

But there is more than meets the eye to modern versions of our most enchanting plants. Pincushion plants (Armeria), for example, were popular perennials in days gone by, with neatly compact foliage and cute pompom flowers. Now these drought, frost and wind tolerant beauties are back. But they’re bigger, brighter, and hardier than ever! Dreamerias flower earlier and longer through the season than traditional Armeria varieties thanks to ten years of dedicated plant breeding by renowned growers, InnovaBred of Melbourne.

Dreamerias flower for months on end. The mass of perfect globes is a designers delight when it comes to softening hard lines of paving and decks. The first three Dreameria colours to arrive in garden centres this  spring are ‘Sweet Dreams’ (soft lilac pink), ‘Daydream’ (clear vibrant mid pink) and ‘Dreamland’ (warm coral pink). 

Forming attractive deep green mounds of foliage, the larger than normal pompom flowers are held on sturdy stems so they’ll stand up to the wild inhabitants of your garden (including pets and children), which makes them ideal for bordering pathways or heavy traffic areas.

And they’re just as happy in contemporary pots or planters on the deck, requiring only an occasional deep watering once established. Ideal for coastal gardens too, Dreamerias are a practical option for dressing up a seaside garden. Dream gardens don’t need to be a nightmare to maintain!


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Sweet Dreams