Plants for . . . - Hedges & screening

Little hedges
There is nothing like a neat little hedge to bring a beautiful a garden into sharp focus. And there is nothing like classic English box to do the job. Or is there?
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Informally yours
Who says hedges need to be formal? Try a fragrant and informal flowering hedge and do away with the need for constant clipping. These beauties are easy on the eye and easy on the gardener!
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Jewels of the garden
There are not many more forgiving or versatile plants than Grevilleas. With bold, colourful and somewhat bizarre flowers, they stand out in the garden.
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Keep calm and box on!
Adversity! We have had a lot it seems. With dire drought predictions, those looking for a hard wearing hedge may want to consider a colourful alternative to the traditional box hedge.
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Prize winning performance
A shipshape little shrub known as Grey Box Westringia has become a top seller, popular with home gardeners and landscapers alike.
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Walls and floors
When creating an outdoor space that's as easy to live in as it is easy on the eye, we need plants that are both practical and pretty. It's no coincidence that native plants are highly rated among garden designers
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