Plants for . . . - Coastal gardens

Coastal colour, planting by the sea
Gardens close to the ocean enjoy the advantage of a balmy frost-free climate. But coastal gardening is not without its challenges. The soil can be less than ideal, and worse, there's that punishing salt laden wind.
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Jewels of the garden
There are not many more forgiving or versatile plants than Grevilleas. With bold, colourful and somewhat bizarre flowers, they stand out in the garden.
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Plants for paving
Whether it's the track to the front door, a meander through trees and shrubs, a pathway through the vege beds, or the way to the clothes line, any path and the plants to accompany it can be one of the most enticing features in a garden.
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Tuff as they come
Lomandra 'Lime Tuff' is the latest in a new generation of easy care landscape plants bred in Australia. This is one import from our cousins across the ditch we should be happy to keep!
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Hot plants for dry places
More than ever we're facing extremes of wet and dry weather and long spells without rain. We need to factor this into the way we garden, and what we plant
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Prize winning performance
A shipshape little shrub known as Grey Box Westringia has become a top seller, popular with home gardeners and landscapers alike.
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