Plants for . . . - Shady gardens

Container creations
Brightening the scene with instant pops of colour in pots and hanging baskets is a time-honoured exterior decorating trick. Flowers are a popular choice for spring, but exciting colour opportunities are also found in foliage.
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Whether home is an apartment, retirement unit or town house, Heuchera 'Cuties' fit perfectly into a smaller garden.
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Green on green
Hostas are among the most adored foliage plants for shady parts of the garden. They look magnificent when mass planted under trees, in pots or garden beds on the shady side of the house.
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Shade dwellers
A shady patch of soil, on the cool side of the house, under trees or along a south facing wall, is an opportunity to grow some of our most beautiful plants.
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Shade stars
The shadier parts of a garden can be challenging. But they also present an opportunity to create something of subtle beauty and sophistication - a cool revitalising space to retreat to on hot summer days.
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Tuff as they come
Lomandra 'Lime Tuff' is the latest in a new generation of easy care landscape plants bred in Australia. This is one import from our cousins across the ditch we should be happy to keep!
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