Plants for . . . - Butterflies

Providing nectar for butterflies in Winter
What flowers in winter to provide nectar for our butterflies?
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Safe swan plants for spring Monarchs
Here's a few tips to help newcomers to raise successful butterflies
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The colours of autumn
Coneflowers thrive in the balmy conditions of late summer and autumn, providing a wonderful food source for foraging pollinators storing energy for winter.
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Bringing in the Copper butterflies
Copper butterflies are not often seen in gardens because we're not planting their favourite foods. Let's bring them back!
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The magic of nectar
I didn't know much about nectar for butterflies when, early in 2007, we were invited to stage an exhibit of butterflies inside the Canterbury Museum. Sure I knew that butterflies (like bees) were sustained by nectar, but not much more.
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