Plants for . . . - Hot & dry places

Heat hardy
All plants are not equal when it comes to enduring hot and sometimes dry summer conditions.
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High flyers in the dry
With water conservation on our minds in the post-Christmas months, it's nice to know there are some stunning plants that will stand up to drier, hotter weather conditions and still look sensational.
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Coastal colour
Coastal gardening is not without its challenges. The soil can be less than ideal. And worse, there's that punishing salt laden wind
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Keep calm and box on!
Adversity! We have had a lot it seems. With dire drought predictions, those looking for a hard wearing hedge may want to consider a colourful alternative to the traditional box hedge.
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Simply striking
Structure, movement, excitement, and colour. 'Electric' Cordylines have all the hallmarks of a first class landscaping plant. And they're fantastic in pots.
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Hot plants for dry places
More than ever we're facing extremes of wet and dry weather and long spells without rain. We need to factor this into the way we garden, and what we plant
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