The first scent of spring

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After a long dismal winter there is no more uplifting experience than that first waft of sweet perfume from the garden. Every home should have a daphne, preferably planted at an entranceway or alongside a well-trodden path.

The introduction of Daphne Perfume Princess gave gardeners an exciting upgrade on the common daphne, dialling up both the fragrance and the flower size. Perfume Princess flowers are significantly larger and are produced all the way down the stem, which amplifies their beauty as well as their scent.

New white Daphne Perfume Princess has all of the advantages of her royal sister, with beautiful clear white blooms produced from mid-winter to early spring.

Both varieties of Perfume Princess grow well in part shade but will happily tolerate some sun, growing to around 1.2 metres tall. As evergreens with glossy dark green leaves they are attractive shrubs even when not in flower and can be clipped after flowering to achieve the desired shape and size.

This Perfume Princess daphnes aren't fussy, growing almost anywhere, tolerating cold and hot climates. It’ll grow in any soil but prefers soils that are slightly acid and free draining. If planting in a pot, use a large one and fill it with quality potting mix.

This Perfume Princess daphne’s thirst is light to moderate so infrequent watering is best. It’s a good idea to apply a slow release fertiliser after flowering to boost growth and next season’s flowers: toss one to two handfuls around the base of each plant.

Pop the Princess in a pot near the door so the fragrance can greet you. Plant it as an evergreen hedge along the path for year round structure and a seasonal fragrant hit. Tuck it beside a garden seat to create a mid-winter perfumed retreat.

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Daphne Perfume Princess Pink

Daphne Perfume Princess White